Walking into The Adobe for the fine art lover is analogous to a child walking into a toy store. The visual array of lights, colors and lifelike sculptures is almost intoxicating.  A seven-foot tall sculpture of a woman who seems to be reaching for the stars in an elegantly dynamic yet determined pose, is the first to solicit the attention and subsequent admiration of the gallery visitor.  The main entry room can only be described as mesmerizing with its displays of brilliant colors and dramatic artwork from realistically saturated Southwest landscapes and unique Native American themed works, to stunning abstracts where subtle filaments of brilliance are neatly and deliberately tucked within the deep folds and ridges of oils.   The track lighting is strategically placed to draw the visitor’s eyes to unique specimens such as the works of high desert painter, Walt Gonske, the dramatic 60 X 42 oil masterpiece, “Springtime”, by Philip Hermogenes Calderon from the late 1800’s, or to the delicate cast paper/fiber sculpture of Allen and Patty Eckman, whose work is part of the permanent art collection of the White House.


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