Unlike many editorial publications such as local newspapers, we are very cognizant and respectful of intellectual property.  We keep our terms very simple:

  1. You retain the rights to anything you submit to Vivacini.  The online publication is flash-based so it would be difficult to pirate, and the website is protected by a widget which disables right-clicking of images and content copying.  There is a caveat for downloads of the PDF document that indicates it is for one time use and not to be copied or distributed.  Also, your name appears in the publication as the copyright holder, and we are subscribed to DMCA Monitoring.
  2. By submitting content/photos to us, you agree that:
  • You are the sole owner of the copyright to your material –and we mean SOLE, i.e. if you sold or gave an EXCLUSIVE license to someone for your intellectual property, you CANNOT submit it anywhere else, including to us.  If you  submit plagiarized or stolen material, knowingly and unknowingly, you will be pursued under DMCA and you agree to be responsible for any “fallout” as a result of your criminal activity.
  • You grant us a  non-exclusive  irrevocable license to publish your work in Vivacini online magazine, website and PDF document for downloading.   (NON-EXCLUSIVE = you can publish it elsewhere,  IRREVOCABLE = once we publish, you can’t change your mind and withdraw permission — that would really screw up our servers and publications!)
  • You agree to not hold us responsible if someone “steals” your work.  While we take every precaution to thwart criminals, they’re still out there.  The bottom line is if somebody wants your work badly enough, they’ll find a way to get it.  If this is a real concern, you should probably never post anything on the internet.
Now that the “unpleasant” and necessary stuff is out of the way, we welcome interesting and creative ideas and articles about life in general.  If you have something you want to share, run it by us: ohk@valornet.com.
Your work when published and a Live Link to your website  will be promoted to thousands online.
In the future, when advertising monies become stabilized, we hope to offer regular contributors access to a profit-sharing plan.