Did you notice that I used all caps for the title subject? There was a reason for that. I have been wondering about ART.
Not just any art, but MY ART.
I began wondering just what differentiated ART from art,
so I looked in a few of my
art books and online. I was
surprised to find that the “answers” were, to me, a bit
conflicting. Stuff like:

“Art is something that stimulates different parts of our brains in different ways.”
Does this mean that home made moonshine is art?
I don’t think so, but it WILL affect the dickens out of
your brain!

“Art is aesthetically pleasing and functional.”
If you’re hungry, a baloney sandwich is aesthetically
pleasing and functional, but I don’t think it is ART.

“Art is subjective and means something different to
different people.”
Honestly, isn’t that a cop-out?

This set me to thinking. There has to be a better way to
describe ART. Not just a catchall phrase that is soothing, but something that can actually be easily understood by “the un-washed masses.” (I found THAT line in one of
my abstract art pages.)
So what is the best example of ART? Let’s think about that for a few minutes. Art does not mean the same thing
to everyone, so perhaps we have to accept that art is supposed to be understood emotionally by certain individals, individuals open to the experience of a particular art piece.
If that is the case, then the intention of the artist has to be taken into account. Let’s call this part of the experience, “CONTENT.” ART is content!
But there must be more. “Content” needs to be structured. Take this column for example. The words can be considered the “content,” but if the words are sprinkled willy-nilly without regard to any of the rules of writing style or punctuation, then all we have are a bunch of
words that will not be easily understood, for example:
Much is not yes ?chickenWhoo Hoo
Let’s call this next part “Form.” Hmmm. Art is content and form. I like that. So we can safely say that Art is anything that evokes an emotional response based on content and form. In this day and age, what might be considered the most egregious example of “art?”
THE POLITICAL AD—every political ad is trying very hard to evoke an emotional response in each viewer based on content and form.
These ads use innuendo, deception, half-truths and
outright lies to sway you to their point of view. I, however, am not going to indicate my political preferences, because that is not my art.
The image that is shown here IS MY ART—my first painting. Since then, I have painted quite a few others.
In my paintings, I try to depict a peaceful landscape, free from deception. And yet, ALL of my paintings save one are of imaginary places that live within me. Perhaps that
is because I am trying to find a little peace within myself.
What I am trying to say is let’s not get too caught up in all of this political foolishness. Take EVERYTHING these political ads say with a very large grain of salt. NO ONE is as good or as bad as the ads say. Just let your heart show you the truth, both in ART and in life.


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