Rick Wood, owner
of Shrimpy’s Shrimp and
Wing Shack in Midtown, has
amassed a life’s experience
we usually only read about—
perhaps in a Hemingway
Just out of high school,
this son of Colorado did
avalanche patrol and jumped off cliffs, preferably 100 ft.
high ones, while speed skiing. “It’s not that I had a death
wish, it’s just that I constantly needed to be challenged.”
Rick was once given a speeding ticket on a slope in
Breckenridge for going 78 miles an hour, the ticket read
“reckless skiing,” he laughs and calls it “Early American
While still in his early 20s, Rick ran a lumber yard,
did security service, worked on heavy equipment in
excavating (“I put in all the ski equipment at Copper
Mountain in Breckenridge.”), then suddenly decided he
wanted to move to Hawaii—where he proceeded to work
as a dive guide. Unfortunately, he loved it enough that he
did it for free. Before too long, Rick was penniless and
returned to Colorado.
Back home, Rick put himself through aircraft mechanics
school and got a pilot’s license but ended up going to
work at Western Horseman magazine, setting up their
in-house graphic department—his dad, whom he adored
(“we were inseparable, he was closer than a brother to
me“), was president, so Rick had extra incentive to do a
great job.
But Rick’s destiny lay with Janice,

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