Our stay in paradise, Blanquilla,Venezuela was
mostly spent on our 36 ft. sailboat in the middle
of a carved out cove, held in place for a while by
four lines, watching eight foot high waves crash onto the
shore of rocky cliffs less than 50 yards away.
Two lines kept our boat, Morning Star, from turning
sideways into the waves and two kept our bow held into
them and anchored—but the surf finally had its way and
at the peak of Hurricane Emily’s tidal surge, our bow anchor
line broke.
When that happened, we were kept from the threatening
rocks by only one line, anchored around one rock,
and put out at the last minute by three men; my husband,
Lieutenant Javier Bajetti Gomez
of the Blanquilla Coast Guard
and their operations manager,
The lieutenant and Gill,
whom we had met the previous . . . (more)

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