WE had a ferocious thunderstorm last night.  We’re talking lots of rain, lightning  and booming thunder.  One cat, Tabby, lay by the sliding glass door and enjoyed the show. T iger, my other cat, took the path of least resistance and  stayed hidden. Given all the electrical activity, I decided to shut down my computers.  I have all of my computers powered through several power strips. You know, those long multiple outlet strips that allow connection to a number of pieces of equipment.  So last night, all I had to do was flip a single switch on each power strip to shut down my computer systems and protect them from a lightning strike.

That got me to thinking about common sense and how uncommon it is—like this childhood obesity problem.  Childhood obesity was not a problem 15 years ago.  Back then kids were outside playing during recess and  after lunch. But, after a few rip-off lawsuits, school districts
began to limit the amount of activity kids had outside in order to protect themselves from these suits.  Common sense dictates that if you feed kids the standard high fat and high carb lunches and THEN you limit their outside activity, guess what? YOU GET FAT KIDS!
This is one of those “Well DUHH!” moments that we so often hear about and that our leaders in government apparently just do not grasp.   Cop killer bullets—the Teflon-coated ammunition that penetrates the body armor of those brave cops charged with protecting us—well, the feds just can’t seem to stop the sale of these bullets. But the truth is, EVERY firearms and ammunition manufacturer in the world that wants to sell in the United States MUST HAVE a Federal Firearms Permit.

You would think that common sense would indicate to our beloved morons in government that given the choice between selling cop killer bullets or not selling ANYTHING in the U.S. is a pretty easy and simple fix. How about driving while texting? This is absurdly easy
to correct, but here once again, our state and federal idiots can’t seem to understand common sense. The government wants to pass a law against texting while driving. They also want to spend BILLIONS trying to enforce a law that is virtually unenforceable.

Common sense says: tell the cell phone manufacturers to add a line of computer code to disable texting capabilities while the cell phone is in motion. If they don’t do it, they can’t sell their product here. No stupid unenforceablelaw, no dilution of law enforcement and no costs—pretty simple, no?

Those of you that grew up in the ‘50s, may remember the old Michael Rennie movie,” The Day the Earth Stood Still.”   The premise of the movie was that an alien civilization wanted Earth to stop nuclear testing in space. In the opening scene, a saucer-shaped spaceship lands in
the middle of Washington D.C. — I knew even then that there was absolutely no possibility of this ever happening.

There is no intelligent life in Washington.

Pete is a photographer, artist and writer with a unique
perspective on all life matters. He and his wife reside in
North Carolina, and Pete prides himself on being a true
“Son of the South.”
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