(Written by Debe Campbell with photo by Allison Bailey)

Where else but in the desert wilderness of western
New Mexico would you expect to encounter
wild wolves. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
(WSWS) is a center surrounded by Zuni and Navajo
Indian reservation lands amid ponderosa, pinion, and
juniper trees at 2,286m elevation. It is a refuge for damaged
and endangered wolves (Canis lupus) species and
hybrids. The residents here are descendents of Arctic,
Black Face, Tundra and Mexican Grey wolves.
The refuge sits almost atop the Continental Divide—
an easy journey along state highways to the sanctuary in
Candy Kitchen, near Ramah, NM—a long, but rewarding
road to get there—130 miles from Albuquerque or
45 miles from Gallup. It’s worth the trek as you navigate
dramatic red rock backdrops dotted with sagebrush and
come face to face with some of the most beautiful creatures
from around the world.

. . .

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