Dear Kat,
Recently, a parent commented to me, “Children of this generation are lazy and do nothing but watch TV or play video games.” 

It is a common declaration these days that television rots
the brain. To watch television reportedly produces the effects of a slow, mindless death, a stealthy slaying of the intellect.

The warm glow of 40” LCD screens fill rooms across America, creeping into all the shadowy crevices and lulling
little bodies sitting across it, into a sort of stupor—with all the comfort and warmth of a bottle given to a
swaddled babe.

Addictive sounds and visuals dominate the room, holding anyone present hostage with its enticements.
The temptation to stop and watch nags at one’s will much like the alcoholic’s overwhelming temptation to have just one beer while becoming inevitably lost in a wave of liquor.

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