EXCERPT from this week’s KAT ATTACK by Katherine Umberger (VIVAcini! August 24, 2012)

Dear Kat,
I need toddler advice. Have
you ever had to revert back to
pull-ups at night for your child?
My daughter was doing great
for quite a while, but has wet
the bed almost every night for
the last three weeks, ever since her sister started going
to school. She does not go to bed with a cup and I
make her potty right before bed. She has gotten a new
bed and her sister has moved out of her bed (they still
share a room). I’m tired of washing sheets every single
day and changing wet clothes in the middle of the
night, but I don’t want to use pull-ups again —
I’m afraid of making her backslide.
“Mommy of Two”