EXCERPT from In HONOR of an “Adventuress”  by Helene Kobelnyk (VIVAcini! 24 Aug 2012)

News of Helen Gurley Brown’s death this past week brought back a lot of memories
for me, because I was an avid reader of Cosmopolitan while in graduate school, and
had a grand time testing out all the advice about “subtle seduction.” My boyfriend
at the time was fascinated and delighted because I always had a surprise for him,
and not necessarily in a sexual way.
There is so much more to seduction and romance than sex—that’s just one
of the things I learned from Cosmo magazine. I have always enjoyed being a
woman and so I enjoyed planning many of the romantic trysts that Cosmo
was so good at illustrating and encouraging. Mostly I saw it as fun, and
like any magazine, not everything was appropriate or interesting for me.
I selectively picked what suited me. In my world of hectic and demanding
studies, this was a “playtime” magazine