(photo by Rich Beer)

EXCERPT from Getting It Off Her Chest  by Lucina Sarber (VIVAcini! August 24th)

Writer, producer, journalist, actress and teacher
Deborah Voorhees has been immortalized by Hollywood
for her role as Tina in 1986’s slasher sequel,
“Friday the 13th – A New Beginning.”
Deborah, who has lived in Lincoln County
since 2007, is well known for her determined
efforts to film her movie, “Billy Shakespeare”-
which she wrote, directed and filmed almost
entirely in this area—using only local talent
both in front of the camera and behind the
She succeeded and her film had its premiere
this year appropriately enough in London
home of “The Bard,” (Shakespeare) and
home to his Globe Theater.
What exactly is the trajectory that has
brought Deborah to this stage in her life? How
did this Amarillo-born girl, one of nine kids
with a middle-class, suburban upbringing end
up in Hollywood?
Deborah recently found the childlike scrawl
of her sixth grade self declaring, “I would grow up
to be a writer and an actress” — prophetic words
from the mouths of babes.

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