EXCERPT from  “Stories from the Plague – Whitman, for Real”  by Dennis Dunnam in VIVAcini 31 Aug 2012

Boy, it’s a real challenge to
share some experiences in
1000 words or less. Everything
in my life seems to be
connected to everything
else and I start to tell a story
but then discover that so
much depends on another
story (or six). But here goes.
This started out to be
about the sensuality and
wonder of the world as seen through the writings of
beloved American poet Walt Whitman, but in order to
do that, I have to start with my friend Bruce.
It is not an exaggeration to say that Bruce was, physically,
the most beautiful man in Albuquerque and, while
not unaware of it, he was just Bruce—hilarious, gregarious
and loving.
Bruce was an actor for his passion and did landscaping
to make a living. He lived a charmed life, warm and openhearted—
he related to everyone around him through the
aura of his physical beauty and people responded to him
through that “specialness.” That was before AIDS.

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