EXCERPT from KAT ATTACK by Katherine Umberger in VIVAcini 31 Aug 2012

Dear Kat,
What are your thoughts on
bullies and kids use of illegal
substances? Do you think
that they are interrelated?
What can we do about this?
Sincerely, Concerned

Dearest Concerned,
I do think that some kids seek out illegal substances as
a result of poor social skills or bulling. However, this isn’t
the only reason kids will resort to these acts. The truth
is, bitter words carelessly slung about by bitter, unhappy
people ceaselessly skitter around sad, little minds.
For many reasons, when harsh words sting innocent
heads, they swirl with emotions that poison the soul—
and in fact, harsh, cruel words pluck at any of us like
hot, sadistic fingers, nauseatingly depleting our delicate
sanity and emotional balance.