EXCERPT from Mystery MAN The world of Rick Geary by Lucina Sarber in VIVAcini 31 Aug 2012

Nationally renowned illustrator,
cartoonist, writer and Carrizozo resident,
Rick Geary, has been called
“The King of True Crime” for his
series of ‘who-done-it’ books.
Wonderfully illustrated, and pain
stakingly researched, Rick expertly
culls through multiple sources of the
historical record to write books on
murder mysteries like that of Jack
the Ripper, Lizzie Borden, H.H.
Holmes (aka ‘The Beast of Chicago’),
and slightly less bloody “unsolved”
cases like the kidnapping of the
Lindbergh baby or the assassination
of President Abraham Lincoln—
to date he’s written 16 of them.
The Lindbergh book was named a
“Publishers Weekly Best Book,” and
has been described as: “A fascinating
story, of course without a fully
satisfactory conclusion, replete with
savory details and unsavory people
as only Geary can masterfully relate
with his understated dark humor.”

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