EXCERPT from The Luckiest Man Alive by Peter Brickey in VIVAcini! 31 Aug 2012

This is my eighth column
here at VIVAcini and I just realized
that you, dear reader, do
not really know me.
I mean, you know that I am
a “son of the South,” as Helene
puts it and that I have a
really weird sense of humor.
But there is quite a bit that you
don’t know about me and you are certainly not likely to
find out everything in one issue. However, I am going to
share a little about myself.

I really AM the luckiest man alive. This little story starts
back in April of 2008. April the fourth at around 11 a.m.
to be precise. The company that I worked for refurbished
commercial trailers like the ones you see at construction
sites and mobile school classrooms.
We would repair, re-paint and clean them making them
like new. It was hard work, but it was also enjoyable because
you were always doing something different. Sometimes
we replaced carpet and or vinyl flooring, sometimes
the siding on the outside and ALWAYS we were cleaning
everything. Plumbing repairs and electrical outlet replacement
were also commonplace.
On the fourth of April, I was cleaning the carpets in a
24 wide classroom assembly. So that you understand what
I mean when I say a “24 wide,” I mean a “classroom bundle”
that consists of 24 double-wide trailers that would be
interconnected once they were on-site.
Anyway, while I was cleaning, I was having a very hard
time catching my breath

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