EXCERPT  from VIVA What?  by Helene Kobelnyk in VIVAcini 31 Aug 2012

When I was asked to write a weekly feature for the arts and entertainment magazine
of the local newspaper, I discovered that I not only enjoyed the process but it gave new
meaning to my photography.
During my tenure there, my interviewing skills improved, my writing became
more evocative and so did my photography. Th e feedback I received from readers
was that my features were engaging and fun to read, in spite of the distracting
reality that newsprint is a poor medium for quality images.
So, in early July, when this publication abruptly “changed direction” and
became a mindless directory of “entertainment” information, without real
substance—our resort community was left with a supplement with no pretense
of what once had been an intelligent, alternative magazine. For me,
an opportunity was born.
Because I have lived and worked in Ruidoso and Lincoln County for
more than 20 years, I have a pretty good pulse on the interests of residents
and visitors alike. Provincialism is a real danger in close-knit,
rural areas like ours, and education via compelling reading material
and attractive visuals is one avenue to expand one’s world view.
What began as an eff ort to promote my writing and photography
has evolved into a venue for community building, entertainment,
and education—focusing on people with amazing stories—and featuring
gift ed writers and photographers of all styles.