EXCERPT from GERONIMO and the Massacre that started it all by Jack Shuster in VIVAcini! 31 Aug 2012

It is true that the greatest
wrongs visited upon the
Apache people came from
the United States government.
But the history of Geronimo’s
war parties began in Mexico—
here is how it all began, adapted
from Geronimo’s own
Geronimo was born on
June 16, 1829, (a birth date he gave himself), near Turkey
Creek a tributary of the Gila River, in what is now the
western part of New Mexico. It was in “Old Mexico”
then but in reality it was Bedonkohe land.
He was given the name, “One Who Yawns,” or Goyathlay
in English. In recent times, Ft. Sill, Okla., Apaches
have suggested that his name actually meant, “intelligent,
shrewd, clever.” Goyathlay was raised with his three brothers
and four sisters by his father, Tablishim, and his
mother, Juana, in the Apache tradition

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