EXCERPT from The Red Feather Theater Company:  Setting the Stage for Tomorrow’s Leaders  by Helene Kobelnyk  in VIVAcini! 31 Aug 2012

a time and place where the world seems to
revolve around competition-based activities
and public education is pressured to produce “leaders”
and “innovators,” the Red Feather Theater Company
nurtures Ruidoso High School’s budding playwrights,
actors, musicians and composers without fanfare and
with infrequent accolades.
“Drama queens” are rare in this group of high-energy
thespians, led by the dynamic and seemingly tireless
Georgene Inks, drama teacher for the Ruidoso schools.
Together with her students, she established Red Feather
four years ago and oversees every aspect of its professional
theater production.
According to the student president of the company
and other founding members, “We wanted something
more professional than a high school club so we would be
taken seriously.” Unlike many other school programs that
are considered extra-curricular, Red Feather receives
no school funds and is entirely self-sufficient through
donations and ticket sales.
Across the country, dismal academic performance and
rising dropout rates have placed public education under
continuous scrutiny and prompted a nationwide debate
about the creative skills and job readiness of today’s high
school graduates.

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