EXCERPT from Kathleeen Cotton A SEEKING SPIRIT  by Lucina sarber  in VIVAcini! 07 Sep  2012

Painter, entrepreneur, and long
time resident of Ruidoso, Kathleen
Cotton is a breath of fresh air. Not
only is she a remarkable beauty, but
even more stunning is her formidable
heart and soul.
Upon first meeting Kathleen, she
warmly introduces herself and before
too long reveals that she is “Mexican
and Italian,” — this in a time and
place where no one wants to admit
ties to that motherland — everyone
these days seems to be “Hispanic,”
a non-scientific term and social construct
given birth in the ‘60s. But, I
Kathleen proudly declares that
her father, Jose Guillermo Hernandez
Cotton, worked hard for the American
Dream and achieved it in San
Francisco, California.

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