EXCERPT from DIRTY Politics by Helene Kobelnyk  in VIVAcini! 07 Sep 2012

I seldom bring up politics because it’s such an unnecessarily divisive issue, and
I want to make sure that VIVAcini stays on course in its mission of communitybuilding
and intelligent optimism; however, avoiding sane discussions on controversial
issues is certainly not the way to fi nd real leaders. We must do our part in
generating solutions even if it’s simply to provide an avenue for civil discourse.
I have a huge aversion to the labels placed on people and institutions.
Th ey’re inaccurate and destroy any attempt at fi nding authenticity or value
in the person or “thing” being labeled.
Look at our two major political parties—if you’re a Democrat, you’re
a “bleeding-heart liberal,” a “baby killer,” a “socialist,” “anti-marriage,”
and probably an immoral, “pot-smoking” heathen!
If you’re a Republican, you’re “anti-government and spending,”
“pro-life, pro-marriage” as it’s “defi ned in the Bible,” anti-gay (because
the Bible says it’s a sin), and anti-science.
Some of my friends are Republicans, others Democrats, and most
refuse to be dismissed as one-dimensional. Not one of them fi ts a
tidy label! In my opinion, extremism in ANY form is bad, whether
in politics, religion or in any aspect of our lives.

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