EXCERPT from A Grandpa’s Book Review –The Twilight Series by Dennis Dunnum in VIVAcini! 07 Aug 2012

I have two granddaughters
– Karen, 11 and Sara,
pushing 14. Watching
them grow up has been
confounding, joyous,
horrifying and enlightening
in turns. I’ve been a
boy and raised two more
of them. I “get” boys,
they’re in your face (and
each other’s) and their motivations seem straightforward—
girls . . . much more complicated.
So, I’ve spent some serious face-time with them
in the last couple years, spending whole weeks at
summer camp with them, my partner and I taking
them to dinner for their birthdays to a nice restaurant
and treating them like the young ladies they like to
imagine themselves to be and, in fact, are becoming.
I listen to them a lot and take them seriously.
They, in turn, have guided me gently by the hand
into the unfamiliar and scary, adolescent pop culture
world of Justin Bieber (they loathe him), Th e Hunger
Games and, most recently, Th e Twilight Series.

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