EXCERPT from KAT ATTACK by Katherine Umberger  in  VIVAcini! 07 Sep 2012

Dear Kat,
My daughter wants to get a
tattoo but isn’t 18 yet. What
are your thoughts on this?

Dearest Mom,
This is definitely a difficult decision to make concerning
your child. Some folks argue that tattoos
“desecrate God’s temple” whereas other religious
groups use tattoos as part of their rituals.
I definitely don’t want to go there. You didn’t indicate
whether you are for or against tattoos, so I will
assume that you haven’t made up your mind. I’d
rather look at this from the perspective of art.
There are many different forms of art, some better
than others. This particular form of art will be permanently
imprinted onto your daughter’s skin. Let
her know that just because you are willing to hear
her out does not mean that you approve of what she
proposes to you

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