EXCERPT from Be Careful What You Wish For…  by Peter Brickey  in VIVAcini! 07 Sep 2012

I was trying to set up my Nikon
D3100 for tethered shooting
and having absolutely no luck
on my HP laptop. You see,
“tethered shooting” is a way of
getting your images directly
into Lightroom without having
to upload them after a shooting
In a studio setting, this is a very big deal because
you can use your computer’s monitor, which is going
to be a whole lot better than the three-inch screen on
the back of your camera. Except, tethering is not supported
for the D3100 in Lightroom. I sat back and
muttered to myself how I wished I could do that.
This, of course, reminded me of a recent visit to a
“Fire Pit Construction Demonstration” down in
Concorde, NC. The wife and I decided to go so that
we could learn how to build a fire pit for our back
yard. We even had a spot picked out. It was going to
be a drive of 150 miles round trip, so we decided to
make an afternoon out of it

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