We offer many options for businesses and individuals who would like to attain national and international exposure.  As an advertiser in Vivacini!, you receive the following benefits:

1.  Active promotion on Facebook via individual and targeted posts.  Our current reach is now 150,000 and growing worldwide at a steady rate.  Not only do we post the ad you place in Vivacini, we share any of your promotional posts on our personal as well as fan pages and on the G+ public feed which are then automatically reshared on Twitter.

2.  Your ad is posted on Vivacini!’s website under a category designated for you or your business.  This means that visitors to the website can do a search for your business on our website, click on your ad and be redirected to your website.  This gives you the opportunity to create viable and meaningful backlinks, an important requirement to increase your search engine ranking.  Each post is immediately shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, which translates into your ad being seen multiple times by a public stream as well as specific followers (2,500+ followers on Facebook, 8,000+ followers on Google+, and 1,300+ on Twitter).  As a result, the  visibility of your ad is to more than 10,000 confirmed followers with a potential reach of over 1 million.  These numbers increase on a daily level because of our marketing techniques.

3.   Because Vivacini is offered as a download so that readers can read the magazine offline, your ad is a permanent part of that download as a ZIP file, pdf document, ipad app and print version.

4.  Vivacini is not only active daily on all three social media networks, but is also promoted via paid sponsored posts, stories and ads on Facebook and Twitter, and via Google Adwords.  This insures a steady stream of visitors to Vivacini’s website which translates into more visibility for your ad.


Our advertising rates and ordering option can be found here:   Products and Product Details

We’ve made it as easy and convenient as possible for you to purchase or renew an ad via e-commerce and Paypal.

If you need more detailed information about ad placement and dimensions, you can visit this specific page, Advertising Information.


We at Vivacini understand the importance and value of marketing via Social Media.  Helene Kobelnyk, publisher and promoter of Vivacini, teaches classes and coaches businesses in social marketing.  Many of her “self-help” articles can be found on her  business website, Photography and Social Marketing by OHK.