EXCERPT from BRAD LA BOUNTY -TAMING THE BEAST WITHIN by Lucina Sarber  in VIVAcini! 14 Sep 2012

Brad La Bounty, owner of Elite
Outfitters, hates the perception that
many folks have of hunters, “People
just think we’re crazed killers of helpless
forest or mountain animals. But
for most of us, it is a lifestyle—it’s
the way we grew up and the overwhelming
appeal is our love of nature,
and of wanting to be out in its
quiet beauty. And we don’t kill for
mere trophy, we eat what we catch,
and I personally, give a lot away.”
Born in Fargo, North Dakota, Brad
was raised in South Dakota in the
town of Aberdeen where a “normal”
winter sees temperatures that range
20-30 below zero. Growing up, he
wanted to follow in the footsteps of
his father and grandfather whom he
describes as great hunters.

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