EXCERPT from COMFORT ZONE  by Helene Kobelnyk  in VIVAcini! 14 Sep 2012


When she first told me her plans for this week’s cover story, I hesitated. But I trust her judgment and skills and the last thing I want is for the magazine to be labeled as “dumbed down” or “bland.” So, as I gingerly paged through and read the cover story, instead of cringing as I expected, I found myself
having to re-evaluate my personal beliefs and choices.

I don’t hunt and in my ideal world nothing would ever have to die or sacrifice itself so another could live. I tried hunting once, but the gun jammed when I saw my quarry. Luckily the rifle did not blow up in my face. Hunting game is just not something I am drawn to, and perhaps like many of you, I weep and wail when any animal is hurt or needlessly killed.


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