EXCERPT from I’M SORRY by Peter Brickey  in VIVAcini! 14 Sep 2012

I just noticed that I have
lost something that is VERY
important to me. I haven’t
lost all of it at once, but I
sure as shootin’ have lost a
big chunk of it and I am not
sure how to get it back. Yeah,
OK, I know that some, if not
most of you are doing the
head-scratching thing right about now, trying to
fi gure out what the heck I am talking about. Well,
let me explain it to you this way.
Back in early August of this year, a young man
walked into a motorcycle shop here in Winston-
Salem and pulled a gun, his apparent intention
being armed robbery. While he was trying to
herd everyone to a room in the back of the store,
he missed a couple of guys.

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