EXCERPT from Once upon a time, long, long ago … by Dennis Dunnum  in VIVAcini! 14 Sep 2012

As we grow up we usually stop believing
in their historical veracity but we hardly
ever forget the lessons they taught us.
The Grimm Brothers’ horror stories—
Hansel and Gretel’s trusting a stranger,
Aesop’s Fables—ants and grasshoppers,
turtles and hares; along with vast numbers
of other stories communicating the truths,
warnings and expectations of our various
As the disgustingly acrimonious national
political “debate” (or is it ‘debacle’)
slogs on for another month or more I am
reminded of a tale told by Rumi, a 13th
Century Sufi mystic and poet that could
have some lessons for our rigidly ideological
candidates. At stake is no less than the
survival of our political system and “civil”

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