The 11th issue of Vivacini! will go live this Friday, September 21st.  Lots of magical numbers associated with this one!

  • the current issue is number “10” — the first double digit number ( when I turned 10 years old, I cried. When my parents asked me why, I said it was because I hit the double digits.  I wonder if I’ll react the same way when I hit the triple digits!)
  • the next issue is number “11” (obviously!)  This is a “magical” number because it’s a recurrence of the number “1” and is associated with
    • Higher ideals
    • Invention
    • Refinement
    • Congruency
    • Balance
    • Fulfillment
    • Vision

. . . interestingly, the same qualities inherent in the mission of Vivacini!

  • the issue will be out the day before the autumnal equinox, September 22nd when day and night are nearly the same amount of time, a magical day in itself.  Add to that the recurring digit, “2” in the number “22”, which in religions and spiritual practices translates into “manifestation of light”

A lot of spiritual blessings and gifts from the universe are packed into this publishing event, and a perfect opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed to the success of Vivacini!

A big “thank you” and hugs to:

Lucina Sarber, editor of Vivacini!, one of the most gifted writers I’ve known and who has been an inspiration for my own writing.  She works tirelessly with our columnists, seeks out people with incredible stories and almost magically pulls together  a unified and unique publication each week.

Greg Sarber, creative director of Vivacini! –he uses his extraordinary artistic ability to create a magazine that is in itself a work of art that reflects the mission of Vivacini!

Peter Brickey, my dear friend, who “jumped off the cliff” with me without asking questions.  I wish he lived closer because he would be my ideal “partner in crime.”

These three were by my side when we launched Vivacini! on July 13, 2012.

In these last two months we’ve added more talented writers who consistently contribute outstanding content.  Their work just amazes me and I am so grateful for their creativity, and for their taking time out from their schedules to be a part of Vivacini!

A big thank you to our local columnists who have a pulse on the needs and happenings of their communities: Dennis Dunnum, Georgene Inks, Jack Shuster and Katherine Umberger . . . if you see them around Facebook, say a hello . . . and they would love to get some feedback on their work.

. . . and also thank you to Debe Campbell, who doesn’t live here but remembers and loves this region and provides us with a glimpse of her world; and to my friend, Joyce Neine, who makes time in her session and radio schedule to write a series about canine behavior because she cares about dogs and knows our readers do as well.

We express our appreciation to our advertisers, Michelle’s of Ruidoso, Kona Cowboy Coffee and The Adobe for supporting a magazine that focuses on building a community of inquisitive readers.

Most of all, we thank you, our readers, for continuing to be a part of our readership– the intelligently optimistic who are unafraid of introspection.

“The possibilities are endless”