Business owners and organizations get business/fan pages on Facebook because they want to tap into the 800+ million who log on –the largest and ripest market for savvy business owners.   Many are trying to build a brand and it can be very confusing to figure out where to put hard-earned advertising dollars.

I have a degree in mathematics and you can ask anybody who has ever worked with me in any capacity,  they will verify that I love to figure out a way to mathematically measure or track anything effectively and make sure I’m comparing “apples to apples.”

When we started Vivacini two months ago, it took plenty of work to build our “likes” and followers on ALL the social media networks, not just Facebook.  We are already nearing 1000 likes on Facebook and a reach of almost 200,000,  we’re taking our advertisers with us, and we’re not slowing down!

Because numbers don’t lie, I compared Vivacini’s progress on Facebook with some of the other entities who are touting themselves as great promoters in marketing and social media.

The first graph is a simple measure of Facebook effectiveness based on total number of likes, people talking about the page, and number of months on Facebook. All the data is publicly available from visiting the respective business pages.   This is based on a scale of 0-25, with 25 being the most effective.

Bus Org 1, Bus Org 2, and Bus Org 3 are the in print newspapers and chamber of commerce (not in any particular order)  –the ones who take most of your advertising dollars.  Bus/Art 1 and Bus/Art 2 are galleries or businesses who claim they are comfortable with their Facebook presence.  Loc Org 1 and 2 are strictly Facebook pages who also seek your dollars.  I’ve included New Mexico Magazine because they are the closest match to Vivacini in quality, although Vivacini at this point has an international reach and is published and promoted weekly.

Remember, the same measure was applied to all of these entities, and from the numbers reported by Facebook.

So, my question to you is: why in the world are you putting your advertising dollars here? 

. . . when you could advertise with Vivacini, where your ad is actively, repeatedly and consistently placed in front of 200,000 people per WEEK?

And if that doesn’t convince you, then take a look at the graph directly below.  The red represents the number of months the page has been on Facebook and compare that to the effectiveness quotient.  The ideal “fake fan page” indicates active growth for each month on Facebook.  The “bus org” group, the traditional and outdated mode of advertising,  has been on Facebook for an average of 24 months, and Vivacini for 2 months –the only entity whose effectiveness quotient is higher than number of months on Facebook.

 Who do you think is giving you more “bang  for your buck?”

We would be more than happy to discuss our statistical compilations with you or assist you with a marketing/advertising plan tailored for your business.

We don’t just “place your ad”, we promote you and help you build a brand.

These numbers apply only to Facebook.  Remember that we are just as active on Twitter and Google+

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