EXCERPT from A Fish Outta Water by Peter Brickey  in VIVAcini! 21 Sep 2012

Back when I was 17 years old, I decided that I
just had to go to New Orleans. I didn’t have a good
reason and back then we didn’t have “Bucket Lists.”
Well, actually we did but they only had one thing
on the list and that was Kentucky Fried Chicken!
Anyway, I get myself down to the bus station because
“riding the dog” (Greyhound), was a lot better
than walking and it had the added advantage of
being a hell of a lot faster too. I was pretty excited
because the only big city I’d ever been to was Raleigh,
and that was sure nothing to brag about.

Now New Orleans was a whole ‘nuther story!
Th is was THE party capital of the South. Here I
was on my way to what should have been a whole
book in the Bible instead of just being a slap on
the wrist and a warning from your grammaw!
You see I was just a farm-fresh clodhopper
with no real worldly knowledge. Hell, I was just
like a farmraised catfi sh ready to be plucked
from the pond and skinned–at least, I was hoping
some “plucking” would be involved!

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