EXCERPT from KAT ATTACK by Katherine Umberger in VIVAcini! 21 Sep 2012

Dear Kat,
My daughter is having
a ‘bout of the blues.’
She just won’t snap out
of it and I am worried
that she will lose her
job! Why doesn’t she get a hold of herself
and do what she needs to do? She
hasn’t even gotten out of bed to shower
in a week. What can I do to get her to
listen to me?
Dealing with Sadness

Dear “Dealing with Sadness,”
It is not easy to see someone that you love hurting
and losing interest in things that used to be important
to them. But it is imperative that you not
take your daughter’s situation personally.
I know that you just want to help her and that
there must be frustration as well as worry that you
are going through. Your daughter may be suff ering
from what is commonly known as “Major Depressive

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