EXCERPT from SIT, SPOT, SIT by Dr. JC “Kay” Neine  in VIVAcini! 21 Sep 2012

Before I present any other information
about the type of training and behavior
modifi cation I use with dogs, we need to
put to rest the ridiculous concept that
some owners hang onto for no valid
reason—the use of treats in training.
One of my clients, “Jill” and her lively beagle/
terrier mix, “Spot,” (obviously aliases to protect
the guilty), came to me with what Jill described
as “maddening behavior” on Spot’s part. During
our fi rst session, I require clients to bring their
dog’s favorite treats and favorite toy.

Jill arrived with a pint-size baggie filled with
his usual kibble and a tennis ball. Her basic complaints
were that he wouldn’t come when called,
refused to sit and would not stop jumping up on
people. Typical doggie crimes and misdemeanors.

I said to Jill, “Show me how you taught him to
sit.” Predictably, she held him by the collar with
one hand, and pushed his hind end down with
the other and commanded, “Sit.” Spot struggled
and resisted. Jill looked at me, “See what I mean?”

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