EXCERPT from I Love a Parade by Dennis Dunnum  in VIVAcini! 21 Sep 2012

On Labor Day I had the
distinct pleasure to be in
our local parade – actually
(shy guy that I am), I think
I’ve been in every one of
them since I moved to Carrizozo
in the last century.
Sometimes on the Yacht
Club float (a row boat fi lled
with water), sometimes dressed as a clown shoveling
horse poop behind the sheriff ’s posse (a fi tting
position for a town councilman), and two weeks
ago driving my spiff y “95 LeBaron convertible with
Barack and Michelle standing in the back seat.
Parades are fun – they’re celebratory and boisterous.
But there is NOTHING to compare with
parades in India, except maybe Mardi Gras in
New Orleans or Carnival in Brazil.
I was in Cochin, Kerala State (on the old Spice
Coast) in Southern India back in 2004 visiting
friends. Th ey say that in India weeks are counted
as either seven days or eight religious festivals.
One evening we went to see one of these festivals
in a nearby neighborhood

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