(Photo courtesy of Bill Butler and Dave Blake Photography)

EXCERPT from Bill Butler –FLYING HIGH by Lucina Sarber  in VIVAcini! 21 Sep 2012

Alamogordo, New Mexico resident
Bill Butler, who is the owner and pilot
of “Puddle Jumper” a special shape
hot-air balloon, says the delightfully
whimsical “PJ” carries 45 gallons of
liquid propane in four separate tanks.
“A single load is enough propane fuel
to run the family BBQ for several
years! Each of Puddle Jumper’s two
burners produces approximately
18,000,000 BTUs under optimal
Capt. Bill as he is known, says
this with a wry smile as if acknowledging
how potentially dangerous his
chosen line of work (in retirement!)
is—he just chooses to do it anyway.
Perhaps being raised by a single
mom in Tempe, Ariz., working all the
time to help her out, (“we were dirt
poor”) along with taking care of a
brother and sister, prepares you for
a life of fearless determination.

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