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EXCERPT from GERONIMO –“The Name and the Power” by Jack Shuster  in VIVAcini! 21 Sep 2012

After the massacre at Kas-Ki-Yeh, Goyathlay’s
(Geronimo’s given name), Bedonkehe chief, Mangas
Coloradas sent him to Cochise’s band to help
in getting revenge against the Mexicans. Goyathlay
soon joined that famous band of Apaches known as
Chiricahua and with them, took part in numerous
raids into northern Mexico and across the border
into U.S. territories.
Those Mexican adversaries are the ones who
gave Goyathlay the nickname of “Geronimo.” It is
said that Goyathlay was given the name Geronimo
(“Jerome” in Spanish) by Mexican soldiers because
of the daring feats he performed—but historians
don’t agree as to the precise reasons.
Goyathlay became exceedingly fierce and unafraid
in his war with the Mexicans. Each time
they saw him coming the soldiers would cry out
in terror, “Cuidado! Geronimo!” In one battle,
ignoring a deadly hail of bullets . . .

(This is the 3rd part in a series about Geronimo by Jack shuster.  Part 1 can be found in this issue, Vivacini! 31 Aug 2012   and the subsequent part 2, in  Vivacini! 14 Sep 2012)

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