I LOVED Pete‘s article in
last week’s VIVAcini. When
he started describing, in his
inimitable way, that he was
on his way to New Orleans
to get “plucked” I couldn’t
help but think, “where is
this guy going with this –
he’s got another two pages
to go and this is where he’s STARTING!”
Th en he went on to the hilarious bathroom revelation
and I really got nervous—this cannot end
well! Th en fi nally, graciously, and in such a civil,
considerate, “Southern gentlemanly” way concluded
that he didn’t necessarily understand how other
people thought or constructed their lives but that
he honored their right to pursue those lives and he
was more than willing to engage with others to try
to understand.
I was never so proud to be associated with a publication
as I was with VIVAcini and Pete’s wonderful
column (“Fish out of Water” – VIVAcini 9/21)
in last week’s issue.

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