EXCERPT from Getting What You DESERVE by Pete Brickey in VIVAcini! 28 Sep 2012

If you’ve been looking at the
state of the “state” these days
while watching all the hithering
and dithering, and taking in all
the poop being slung around, you
may be scratching your head a
Remember when the American
Dream meant working hard, getting a good job
and owning your own house? Here in America we
like it when folks get just what they deserve.
It was always pretty straightforward. You worked
hard, you saw your dreams come true; you sat on
your behind, you got zero, AND if you broke the
law, you went to jail. We felt good about people getting
their “just desserts.” Well, it’s not so cut and
dry anymore.
Let me give you an example—ever been traveling
down the highway and some jerk is riding
your bumper like he was in heat or something?

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