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EXCERPT from KAT ATTACK by Katherine Umberger in VIVAcini! 28 Sep 2012


Dear Kat,
My daughter has an IEP but her school isn’t giving her the accommodations
she is supposed to have. I have tried talking with the
coordinator several times but have gotten NOWHERE—I am
getting SO frustrated and in the meantime, my child is suffering.
Please help me navigate this impossible system!

Dear “Frustrated,”
I can understand your plight! It is definitely
difficult to try and navigate our respective school
systems. The GOOD NEWS is that you HAVE an
“IEP” (Individualized Educational Plan) and the
school is held BY LAW to follow and implement
the accommodations and specifications that have
been recommended and documented.
It is VERY important that your child has the accommodations
that were recommended for them.
Nobody wants to see their child struggling especially
when things have been put in place to help
them. You mentioned talking with the coordinator,
have you tried speaking with the teacher? First,
try speaking directly to the teacher and letting her
know what your concerns are and the accommodations
that you feel are not being met.


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