EXCERPT from  In Memoriam: LET ME INTRODUCE YOU by Grace Snidow in VIVAcini! 5 Oct 2012

Let me introduce you to my friend

Steve Tappan. You know, “Walking

Steve.” You have all seen him in his

khaki clothes walking the streets of

Ruidoso. Did you ever wonder why

he only wore khaki? I asked once

and he replied that he “didn’t want to

be noticed.”

Perhaps like me, you picked him up often

and gave him a ride. He mostly stayed silent,

but sometimes if he talked to you it was without

eye contact. When he did make eye contact,

you saw unforgettable eyes of china blue.

Kind eyes—window’s into his soul. Did you

know him? Maybe you bought him a meal or

paid him for a small job. Maybe you saw him

at the post office or the grocery store.

Steve Tappan was my friend


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