EXCERPT from  The Angel Chronicles by Lucina Sarber in VIVAcini! 5 Oct 2012

Imagine being eight years old —you are

already acutely distressed, coughing and

hacking from a terrible cold in the middle of

Sunday school. The teacher grabs you and

stands you in front of the class and tells the

assembled children that the Angel of Death is

going to drag you to the depths of Hell where

you will burn in agony for Eternity; much to

your dismay, she declares that you are coughing

because you have sinned. A young Cheryl

Gaer Barlow ran from that classroom and

vowed never to return to church.

A few weeks later, as she prepared for

sleep, Cheryl remembers that a brilliant shaft of

light suddenly filled her bedroom—mesmerizing

blue, white and lavender colors unlike any

she had ever seen—and from it, a translucent

figure began materializing into human form.


“I thought this was the Angel of Death the


teacher had cursed me with, come to take


me to Hell. I tried to scream but nothing came


out. I sat there gasping for each terrifi ed breath


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