EXCERPT from  The ‘Outback’ in New Mexico is NOT the Same as AUSTRALIA’S  by Dennis Dunnum in VIVAcini! 5 Oct 2012

When my oldest son

called to say he wanted to

“bring a girl over to meet

dad and his partner” I

knew this was serious. So,

we prepared a lavish feast,

put on clean jeans and nice

shirts and prepared to be

charming. It worked! She

was delightful and very impressed with the baked

squash—never having eaten it before—I think it’s

an Episcopalian thing. Anyway, that’s irrelevant to

the story.

We spent the evening reminiscing about various

interesting and embarrassing events in my son’s

childhood as the progeny of hippie parents in the

desert south of Santa Fe.

We talked about our community, the one room

schoolhouse, having to haul water from seven

miles away—water being so scarce we took baths

at friends’ homes when we could and, in between,

taking sponge baths out of coff ee cans and, of

course, having an outhouse.

We remembered how we’d learned the constellations

while standing . . .

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