EXCERPT from  Golden Brew by Debe Campbell in VIVAcini! 5 Oct 2012

No trip to Colorado is complete without a sampling

of the beer that made Colorado famous!

Better yet, continue on to Golden, home of Coors

Brewery. The factory, the largest single facility in

the world, still brews from the famous spring waters

discovered by German-born American icon

Adolph Coors. Partnering with Jacob Schueler, he

opened the “Golden Brewery” in 1873.

Coors survived Prohibition by focusing its

products on malted milk, “near-beer” and porcelain

ware. Legendary miner’s parties called “banquets”

led to the advent of “Banquet Beer” in 1936,

which became the brand’s hallmark, in homage to

those Western gatherings. Distribution was limited

to the Western states until the early 1990s when

it finally went “East of the Mississippi.”

In 2005, Coors merged with Canadian brewer

Molson. Coors Brewing now is a division of the

world’s fifth largest brewing company

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