EXCERPT from  Reversing Course in Dangerous Waters by Helene Kobelnyk in VIVAcini! 5 Oct 2012

Education seems to be the hot topic of the decade,

and sadly, that’s all it seems to remain—a topic

for discussion. Unfortunately, the most vocal have

usually never spent a day in the shoes of a teacher or

principal. Everything about our society has changed

over the last 60 years, except our educational system,

and the United States is no longer producing the “best and

the brightest” in the world.

Teachers are under pressure to make sure that their students

“perform” according to some infl exible standards dictated by fools.

Principals, who are supposed to be the instructional leaders, are

relegated to playing politics. Special education has become so

buried in paper trails that the children for whom it was designed,

have become lost in litigation. Anyone who sets any kind of behavioral

boundaries for unruly students is labeled as “mean” and is put

on notice.

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