EXCERPT from  “A New York City Play in Ruidoso” by Helene Kobelnyk in VIVAcini! 5 Oct 2012

It’s not oft en that a small town group of actors
gets to perform in the premier production of a play
written by a renowned New York City playright
but when Mary Bennett decided to set up a trust
in tribute to her parents, she turned to her college
friend, Robert Patrick—one of New York’s mostproduced
playwrights of the ’60s and ’70s for help
in doing a fundraiser.
Robert handed her a script he’d written 22 years
ago and never produced. With assistance from a
Ruidoso friend, Mary Maxson, “You’re Family”
premiered at the recently-dubbed Old Mill Playhouse
as the Bennett Trust Benefi t Gala on September
21, under the direction of Mary Maxson.

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