EXCERPT from  Murder Most Foul:  A Lincoln County Pioneer Remembers by Jack Shuster in VIVAcini! 12 Oct 2012

Back in years 1937-1939, as part of
the New Mexico Federal Writers’
Project, Edith Crawford, the representative
in Lincoln County, collected
a number of interviews of Lincoln
County pioneers. These were never
published and lost until the collection
was brought to the attention of the
Lincoln County Historical Society.
Th e Lincoln County Historical Society
subsequently published a series of
these studies. Th is vignette is based
on Number 3 of that work and taken
from the actual words spoken by Jose
Apodaca on April 28, 1939.
Jose Apodaca’s parents, Severanio
and Juanita, were married in Old Mexico
and moved to Picacho, in Lincoln
County, New Mexico in about 1871.
The Apodacas moved to Agua Azul,
on the south side of the Capitan Mountains,
in 1872. Agua Azul is now called
Blue Water and there is little there to
suggest that it was a pioneer village.
Th e Apodacas built a two roomed hut
and had a few horses and cattle. Th e
following story was told to Jose when
he was just a boy.

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