EXCERPT from  Peter Wolfe – The Archetype by Dennis Dunnum in VIVAcini! 12 Oct 2012

There is a tarot card, number ‘Zero’ in the major
arcana, called “The Fool.” The image on the card
is of a naive youth, his possessions in a sack over
his shoulder, on a journey. His eyes are focused on
something beyond and above the “real world.” In
fact, it appears that he’s about to step off a cliff because
he’s not paying attention to mundane details
like caution or gravity.
On the positive side, The Fool represents absolute
faith in the “life principle”— he won’t fall because he
is youth personified and he believes he is immortal
and, because his eyes are on life itself, there simply
is no room for obstacles like cliffs, walls, oceans, or
obdurate personalities, those are merely illusions –
life will go on just because that’s what it does!
In the flesh and in our daily lives, our favorite
“fool” locally is the owner of the new and improved
Carrizo Mountain Hardware store. Entrepreneur,
empire builder, businessman and past president of
the Carrizozo Chamber of Commerce most assuredly
he has been—but as an archetype, Peter Wolfe
is The Fool.

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