EXCERPT from  IS FASHION BEAUTY? by Thom Olson in VIVAcini! 12 Oct 2012

To ponder “fashion,” “beauty”
or “art” can be as difficult as
finding what to wear to opening
night at the opera. It means
something wildly different
from person to person and
from culture to culture. It’s a
tough nut to crack. Everyone
is diff erent. Everyone’s ideas
are different and like a
moving locomotive, it changes over time—
trends come and go, rapidly.
Like Heidi Klum says on Project Runway
“one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.”
If we then add sexuality into the mix, the
conversation becomes awkward for many.
When VIVAcini asked me to write a column
on fashion and beauty, I was deeply
touched, humbled and a bit blind-sided.
So I want to think of my column “Gazing
at the Canvas” as a dialogue—a conversation
between you and I … an intimate
conversation (OK, read by thousands!)

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