EXCERPT from  KAT ATTACK by Katherine Umberger in VIVAcini! 12 Oct 2012

Dear Kat,
My daughter has a “friend” that is constantly ditching her
to hang out with her other friends but she gets angry at my
daughter if SHE tries to hang out with other people. She’s
made my daughter cry by telling her they won’t be friends
anymore after the other girls lied, claiming my daughter talked
trash about her. I hate to see my daughter hurting, what do
you suggest?

Dear “Hurting,”
I understand! No mother wants to see their child
in pain. The hardest thing is to see your child hurting
because of a peer issue. When do we step in and
what is the boundary on too much intervention?
The first line of defense is to talk to your daughter.
Get to know what her thoughts are on her situation.
You need to know her side of the story

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