EXCERPT from  When Words Don’t Matter by Helene Kobelnyk in VIVAcini! 12 Oct 2012

When it comes to biological species, we humans are about as arrogant as
they come. Because we have thumbs to grip and help us use tools and a spoken
language, we tout ourselves as the epitome of “intelligence.” We get bogged
down in a particular kind of “reality” and dismiss anything that cannot be “scientifi
cally” proven, an ethos that cripples our growth.
It’s like that scene in “Fields of Dreams” where the brother-in-law
doesn’t see the ballplayers who’ve always been there, until he’s “shocked”
into seeing them. How much do we not see or hear because science says it
doesn’t exist?
Every species has its own unique “language,” and actually a much
more refi ned and sophisticated way of communicating. I’ve seen it
among . . .

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